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Core product

  • Intromore

    Wooden crate is a packaging container with a certain rigidity which is made by wooden material,it is a cube in general .Wooden crate is one of the main containers in products transportation packaging .Wooden crate is a broad-ranging package in exporting commodities in China , and play an irreplaceable role in the packaging area of light industry ,machinery industry ,etc .

  • equipment packaging

    For equipment packaging,we will do the sort of the disassembled goods and components, and the goods such as electric wires ,etc . For the other goods ,we will do rust protection and cleanliness in the fixed wooden crates or iron crates to prevent equipment crashing or damaging in transit .

  • Hazardous goods packaging

    Hazardous goods packaging is for hazardous chamical ,it's main packing is flammable and explosive .Such as pesticide ,lighter , fireworks , battery , etc .The basic requirement of hazardous goods packaging must conform to national laws ,regulations and Requirements of national standards .The material ,type ,spec ,method and single piece quality of hazardous chamical goods should fit with hazardous chamical goods charscters and usage .Be convinient for loading ang unloading ,transportation and storage .

  • Wooden pallet

    Wooden pallet is a kind of bottom wooden pallet which is made of raw wood , plywood .It pass through dry and sizing treatment,reduce the moisture , remove innerstress ,and then conduct cutting, polishing, breaking, stripping, sanding etc to dispose the plate after shaping. Use the shoot nail with anti-off function,nut etc to assem the plates into semi-finished pallet ,then do truing , antiskid and Sealing wax dispose .

  • Intromore

    Iron packaging crate has a high comprehensive protective performance ,however the usage of iron packaging crate has has many limitations , for the four sides of the iron crates are closed and no air and light could enter in . Iron packaging crate is usually used in large equipment packaging .

  • Rust-proof packaging

    Rust-proof packaging is taking a certain protective actions to prevent the metals rusting .Rust-proof packaging is to adopt metal surface treatment .Such as plating meta (including plating Zn , plating Sn , plating Cr ,etc )The plating layer couldn't block the metal surface contacting the air and the plating layer will be corroded first to protect the metal surface when suffering electrochemical action .

  • Packaging auxiliary material

    Packaging auxiliary material is an important part of wooden packaging crates .There are many kinds of auxiliary materials in our company , such as PE film , packing belt , colorful striped weather cloth , antistatic screen bag , moisture-proof vacuum aluminum foil bag , nylon vacuum bag , antistatic PE bag , antistatic bubble bag , EPE , rust-proof (paper) bag ,CPE phone bag , Thermal insulation materials anti-static folder , etc .

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Angelic Packaging(Suzhou) Co., Ltd is a global intelligent service provider of wooden packaging , which has won 46 patents issued by the national Patent Office.It has been appraised as an advanced enterprise of tax paying by the government,an enterprise of packaging association and a vice President of packaging association for 8 years.Since its establishment, the company has been based on wood products production has formed a set of design,manufacturing, packaging, transport as one of the actual strength of the team.

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